San Antonio

As the founding chapter, San Antonio carries the responsibility of setting the tone with our youth and advancing female presence on corporate and non-profit boards across the state.

San Antonio is growing at an exponential rate, which means the next generation of community, business, and board leaders will be needed to take our city into the future. By investing in our youth and ensuring that diversity is embraced, BRP - San Antonio is excited to assist in the investment of our future leadership.



BRP-Dallas is excited to form a local board to serve the youth in the greater Dallas area, by exposing girls to the business and board sector at a much younger age. While working to guide and support young female professionals to strive for Executive positions that will gain them the opportunity to serve on boards that will impact and represent their communities on a daily basis. 




BRP-Austin is our newest chapter and we can't wait to hit the ground running by educating and exposing girls and women of color to the boardrooms.